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Fire Poi - Fire Circles @ Divi Carina Bay St. Croix

CoralFire is comprised of experienced fire performers, impassioned artists who wield a flame to express themselves in a thrilling spectacle of both light and shadow. Arising from the ashes of legendary St. Croix fire troupe Kiki & the Flaming Gypsies, CoralFire is the next evolution of fire performance in the Virgin Islands.

CoralFire offers the highest quality fire performance anywhere in the Caribbean, as well as beautifully colorful glow shows, atmosphere entertainment, flow arts/dance workshops & modeling services.

We are dedicated to our art, to our island community, and to a high standard of safety. Each performance is seen as an opportunity to live joyously and exceptionally, a chance to create memories both for and with our audience.

"We dance with fire, yes, but I like to think it dances with us, too." ~ Julia Coral


Murphy & Austin's Reception Entertainment (feat. CoralFire) from Mark Yeattes on Vimeo.

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Julia Coral - Flaming Parasol in the Rain

Weekly Events

We currently have 1 weekly shows at resorts located around St. Croix.  Guests not staying at these locations are more than welcome to come view the show and stay for wonderful meals!  It is recommended to call ahead and make a reservation for your party to make sure you don't miss the show!

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St. Croix Fire Performance Wedding

CoralFire is available for hire on St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and throughout the Caribbean. Make your event memorable! Whether a large upscale event, an intimate party, or a BBQ beach bash, CoralFire is sure to entertain with a unique flair. We specialize in weddings and commitment ceremonies, creating elegant shows for your special day.

Fire and light performances are a wonderful addition to any celebration: Graduations, birthdays, fundraisers, corporate events, or holiday parties! CoralFire offers the alternative of glow performances with LED props as well. Our mesmerizing LED props require the same skills from our dancers, but provide a more modern, colorful vibe. The two can also be used in combination.

Our troupe members are available for daytime performances, tastefully exotic belly dance and aerial entertainment, private workshops in flow arts, meaningful burning ceremonies, and fire immersion workshops for our bravest clients!

Not sure what you are looking for? Contact us to discuss creative ideas for your perfect show! We place pride in the fact that every single CoralFire show is unique.

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Contact Julia Coral at CoralFire for your Fire Show inquiries with the following form or email her directly at

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Julia Coral

Meet Julia Coral

Julia Coral is a New Jersey native who fled harsh winters and stressful summer traffic to embrace the warmth and calm of the Caribbean in 2011. Hooked on hoop dance, and instructing hula hoop classes since 2012, Julia soon became involved with the well-loved St. Croix fire troupe Kiki and the Flaming Gypsies. Through hard work and beautiful experiences with the Gypsy tribe, she discovered a profound love for movement, for flow arts, and for fire.

Having co-written and directed some of the troupe's most theatrical productions, Julia also found herself in a growing leadership role within the troupe. Assisting founder Kiki Mason, the two took The Flaming Gypsies to new heights, working together ambitiously to bring their creative visions to life in a variety of projects and tribute shows. In Summer 2016, Kiki made a decision to dissolve the troupe and pursue new dreams of taking her fire performance abroad. With the blessing of her dear friend and mentor, Julia (and partner Sean McGuire) created CoralFire Entertainment to keep the art of fire dance alive on St. Croix with the remaining Flaming Gypsies.

Julia is also a certified Buti Yoga instructor, the only one in the entire Caribbean. After struggling to chose a certification program in hoop dance, she simply sat down and created her very own curriculum for her students. She teaches Buti and hoop dance for health and empowerment.

"There's a clear connection between how you move and how you feel, between action and perception. I encourage adults to play in order to de-stress and gain clarity. I especially love dance as a tool for guiding other women toward owning their power, the way mindful movement practices led me to claim mine."

"Fitness is just a byproduct of my classes. I ask women to value their bodies for what they can accomplish with them, not for what they look like - eventually the physique catches up with the mindset, it's only natural."

Clean Up St. Croix, a successful, cash-less, volunteer-based community organization that addresses beach litter and illegal dumping on the island through regular clean ups, was founded and is run solely by Julia with a rebellious flair. In its first 12 months the group hosted or attended a total of 42 environmental events. Volunteers consider themselves "environmental badasses" who take pride in taking action and committing acts of "vigilante philanthropy".

"I recognized a huge problem with most non-profits. Disagreements in board meetings, all the paperwork, huge grants to appeal and account for..... It seemed like a waste of resources when you can do so much with a few helping hands. You can throw money at trash all day and it won't pick itself up. Our work has an immediate impact on our surroundings, our actions are meaningful. I believe that with perseverance we will create lasting social change for the island."

Julia Coral is also one of the Mermaids of St. Croix (a Kiki & Julia collaboration), donning her mermaid tail in the name of ocean conservancy and environmental awareness. When Julia and Kiki saw the combination of activism and performance as a remarkable way to bring their interests together for their community, "mermactivism" came to St. Croix.

"I made St. Croix my home. I chose it. Everyone has skills and passions that can be used in service of their community. When you love your home, you take care of it. There are no rules against doing it in costume!"

When Julia is not busy dancing and volunteering she can be found expressing herself through other mediums, like writing, clothing design, creative cooking, and collaborating with other artists. She enjoys the subject of philosophy, and has a zeal for history documentaries and women's rights.

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